Kids edition.

1.When does it take place?
Kids Feel Your Body camp is from 6th to 10th July 2024.

2. Where is the venue?
Sport Life Hotel venue is located on the north of Czech Republic, in Rumburk. The address where
you can find us is: Lesni 1302/02, Rumburk.

3. Transportation?
It is possible to use a group bus with the dance teams; Legacy Dance Community (bus stops in
Domazlice, Holysov, Plzen, Beroun, Prague, Mlada Boleslav) or Motus Trebic (bus stops in Trebic,
Prague, Mlada Boleslav).

4. How many people attended this event?
Feel Your Body had over 1000 dancers in previous years.

5. Who are the teachers?
Teachers are the top skilled dancers in Czech. You can see the line up of teachers on our website.

6. Are classes separate based on levels?
Yes, we plan classes for 5 different groups: Kids beginners, Kids advanced, Juniors beginners,
Juniors advanced and Mini kids. Classes are tailored to age and level of experience to provide
dance education accordingly.

7. Are there other activities than dance?
There are 2 – 4 dance classes with 1 – 2 different activities for 60-90 minutes in between. There is
also an evening programme full of competitions, dance battles, party and maybe a game at night to
surprise our brave ones.

8. Will my kids get too exhausted?
The camp’s schedule is carefully planned to ensure there is a harmony between activities,
education, group games and fun.

9. Where do the classes take place?
Classes will take place in the Sport Life Hotel venue (within the building of accommodation) and
also in another building 5 minutes walk from the Hotel. Kids will be accompanied by an adult at all

10. How does the accommodation look like?
All rooms are located at the Sport Life Hotel venue. The capacity is from 3 – 6 people per one
room, and group of friends are very welcome to request a room together.

11. Food and drinks?
All meals and drinks are included in the price (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, snack). The camp
starts with lunch on the first day, and ends with a breakfast on the last day.

12. Who looks after the kids?
Team Feel Your Body consists of teachers with years of experience and teacher licence II. or III.
class. Our pedagogic teacher is qualified to work with kids and youth.

13. What if there is an accident?
There are 2 paramedics on site that ensure all prescribed medication is monitored, check the kids
on a daily basis and in case of an accident are at hand to help. There is also a hospital 2 minutes
drive from the venue. However we believe hospital visits will not be necessary.

14. Are kids allowed to have their phone with them?
We recommend leaving phones at home as they would only work as a distraction. We want kids to
have a full night sleep to have energy for upcoming days. You are more than welcome to send
letters or call the team’s number and we will pass our phone for a call with you.

15. How much money does my kid need?
All meals are included, however there is a bar in the venue for small snacks like ice lollypops, bars

16. Where can I see photos and videos from the event?
There is a professional camera man and a photographer to capture the event. Aftermovie and all
photos can be accessed online after the event for free.

17. Can I follow daily updates?
Yes, we will be posting on our instagram page @feelyourbodykids and also our Facebook

18. Registration?
On our website, click on ‘registration’ in the menu bar, fill out the registration form and you will be
guided to a payment gate. You can choose to pay in full or a deposit only. The registration is
incomplete without a payment.

19. What type of clothes should we pack?
We recommend indoor and outdoor clothing. On top of dance classes, there will be activities
outdoors and in nature. We advise to pack old clothes that can be dirty while playing games
(outdoor shoes or wellingtons are a good option too).

20. Can I cancel?
Please see our Terms and Conditions on our website.

21. Is it suitable for beginners?
Yes, there are classes tailored to beginners as well.

22. I’m having a problem with registration/I haven’t received a confirmation email.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us on for any problems.

What is Feel Your Body?

FYB is one of the biggest dance camps in Czech Republic full of street dance, Hustle dance and
Roller skating classes with international teachers. Attendees are coming from all over the world.
This edition will take place in Sportlife Hotel in Rumburk, from 10 – 14 July 2024.

2. How to register?
Click on ‘registration’ and choose your package. You can opt for veggie/vegan meals, bring your
doggy, transportation options, and if you want to pay in full or deposit only. The bus departs from
Prague and takes you directly to and from the venue. Fill in the form and you will be directed to a
payment window.

3. Can I come for only some days?
Yes, we have 1/2/3 days packages. Mention the dates you’d like to sign up for when filling out your
registration form and choose to pay deposit only. You will receive a confirmation email with your

4. How does it work?
There are 3-4 street dance classes, 3-4 hustle dance classes and 1-2 roller skating classes
You are free to attend any class you’d like and there is no rule of mixing and matching. No need to
book a slot at the class, just show up and enjoy.

5. What else is there?
Apart from the full on dance schedule, you can look forward to parties with invited DJs, dance
podcast with teachers, All Styles Battle, Hustle Contest night or the grand finale of Beat The Best
dance league.
There is also a bowling area, outdoors activities or a swimming pool 3 minutes walk from the
venue. There

6. Is food and accommodation included?
Yes, all packages include meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and accommodation. The type of room
depends on the package you purchase.

7. Is there a bar?
Yes, with the options of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks (18+).

8. Is FYB open for beginners?
Of course! All classes are tailored rather to advanced dancers but if you like a challenge, you are
more than welcome!

9. I’m having an issue with registration / I haven’t received a confirmation email.
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us on with any issues.

10. Cancellation terms
Please find our Terms and Conditions on the website for all cancellation rules.