Select the bundle that suits your needs:
DOUBLE UP - 1000 Czk (420 eur)
STAY FLY - 7950 Czk (340 eur) - SOLDOUT
SOUL FOOD - 8100 Czk (340 eur)
Short stay - 1, 2 or 3 days available only in SOUL FOOD bundle, pay deposit only + mention how many days you want in the notes, and you will receive an email with the rest of your price, or contact us on our email for more information


Deposite - a basic deposit is always required and counts towards the total price, without deposit a registration won’t be valid
Total price - When paying, you can choose to pay the full amount.
Meals -you have the option to select vegan/vegetarian and gluten free meals.
Dog - you have the option to pay extra for bringing your doggy. Don’t forget you share an accommodation with others so be considerate!
Transportation - option to book a bus with us that will be leaving from Prague.
All prices are listed on our website and are available for your reference. For further information please contact us .

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