FYB Dance camp: Kids & Juniors Edition

Feel Your Body is a dance event going strong on a 6th year focusing on development and exchange of dance experience amongst varied styles as Hip Hop, New style hustle, House dance, Contemporary and other.

Dancers attend to experience classes not only from eminent Czech teachers but also from worldwide known lectors, in which they can gain inspiration from as well as experience.

Within this year’s edition we’ve prepared something new and that is Feel Your Body: Kids & Juniors Edition!
It is focused mainly for dancers between 7-15 yo any levels. Classes take place indoors with mirror walls and in a big dance tent with a professional sound system, because we know dancers need high quality music. All dance space, accommodation and food court are situated within the venue Rekreacni stredisko Parez, Zamosti- Blata, surrounded by a beautiful nature in Cesky Raj.
Kids & Juniors edition will be held from 31 July to 3 August 2022.

Some of our teachers for this year:

Price per person is €155 and it includes:
3 – 4 classes a day, according to dance level and age
All-inclusive (breakfast, lunch, dinner, 2 snack- allergens can be accommodated), drinks
Medical practitioner
Extra activities during the whole stay under supervision
Competitions with great prices, battle and a “goodbye party”
Photographer and cameraman

(FYB: Kids & Juniors edition)


You can book your spot on a bus that is going to be leaving from a meeting point in Prague. Other options are by car or public transport. Details about bus departures and prices will be sent via confirmation email. Our partner dance companies have their own transport after consultation with the FYB team.

Our precious team that is going to look after our little participants:

Kristýna „Týnka“ Svobodová

This is Tynka. She studied at a pedagogical high school focused on preschool and recreational activities and also has been organizing her own dance camp for a couple of years.

Tynka attended multiple courses: Games for younger kids, Creating of a choreography, Leader of kids camps, Pedagogy, Medical practitioner of camps, Tiffany technique. It is her big hobby to work with children as well as creating and organizing fun events and programs. Her favorite activity is dance and everything around sports.

Empathy and patience is her strong suit so feel free to talk to her about anything. People would describe her as a kind, reliable and fun person liking fairness but also not being afraid to be strict when needed.

Svobodová 1
Denková 3
Eva Wika Denková

Wika grew up in a ballet class since she was 7yo in Primary Art school in Domazlice, where she attended all years. She craved improvement and growth in contemporary style. Years later she came to experience street styles as well and she became curious about its culture and history. Street lifestyle has become everything to her. Traveling for dance around the world is her second love.

Eva finished studies and works now as a nurse, she’s also a second class dance teacher, third class teacher of street disciplines, third class teacher of sport gymnastics and a fitness instructor.

She is a founder and a chairwoman of “SUK Domazlice, z.s. Association” since 2019 and a main teacher of Legacy Dance Community Domazlice. Eva is a teacher and a choreographer of a sports gymnastics club Domazlice since 2007 and a teacher of TJ Jiskra Domazlice since 2017. She specializes in choreographies and organizing proms and wedding dances.


Other information will be sent in a confirmation email.

We can’t wait to see our kids participants 🙂 Team FYB xxx